As The Crow Flies | Tim Taylor

May 7th, 2018

As The Crow Flies is the new band led by Chris Robinson, former frontman for the Black Crowes. It’s been more than four years since the Crowes split and the 17 show tour scratches Robinson’s itch to sing Black Crowes songs…

Ruben Studdard Sings Luther Vandross | Christin Whitener

Apr 24th, 2018

It’s a Wednesday night, and Ruben Studdard’s tribute concert is tucked in the basement of a quintessentially Colorado sports bar off of 1st Avenue. Walking in is like entering a sanctuary. The Soiled Dove is warm and intimate and filled…

School Leadership Matters – And NC Businesses Know It

Mar 26th, 2018

Once viewed as mere “supervisors” of their schools, principals today are seen as visionary change leaders to their teachers, students, and communities. They are individuals with the critically important job of not only establishing and maintaining a positive school culture…

Four guiding principles for fixing high school

Mar 16th, 2018

By Eric Lerum Editor’s note: This post is a submission to Fordham’s 2018 Wonkathon. We asked assorted education policy experts whether our graduation requirements need to change, in light of diploma scandals in D.C., Maryland, and elsewhere. Find the original submission on…

Andy Rotherham | Tedeschi Trucks Band

Feb 27th, 2018

Warner Theater, Washington, D.C. | February 16, 2018 If there is a hotter live act on the road right now than Tedeschi Trucks Band, I don’t know it. Alternatively scorching and soulful, lately they are completely dialed in, loose, and delivering show…

Robots at the Olympics?

Jan 29th, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us and visitors will get a chance to experience more than just sporting events. Various companies will be using the Olympic games to showcase their robotic creations to the public for the first time….

AI to shape the future of education?

Jan 10th, 2018

We have all seen the news headlines over the past couple of years about how robots and AI are going to take over everyone’s jobs. The stories paint a picture of a grim future where robots are better, faster, and…

Can A.I. Address Poverty?

Jan 3rd, 2018

Although most predictions related to the future of work are grim in light of rapidly developing automation and artificial intelligence, there are some tremendous opportunities. One example highlighted in this NYT piece is differentiated education. Although we can’t predict the…