America Succeeds Updates

America Succeeds is a national network of non-profit, non-partisan, business-led policy and advocacy organizations committed to improving public education. We are always fighting to help prepare every student to succeed in the competitive global economy and contribute to their local community, especially by ensuring that business leaders are engaged as education champions. We provide support for six affiliates in seven different states, as well as other organizations dedicated to improving public education systems nationwide.

As such, America Succeeds is always busy working on a variety of projects, and we want our fellow education advocates to be equally engaged about our work. As one of our core principles is transparency, this space is dedicated to providing information and insight about the new and exciting things happening in and around our organization. Read about recent updates at America Succeeds, including organizational news and the work we are currently doing.

Welcome Marah!

America Succeeds is excited to announce a new addition to our team! Marah Butler will be joining us as our new Communications and Marketing Manager.

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Welcome Cynthia!

America Succeeds is excited to announce a new addition to our team! Cynthia Vu will be joining us for the summer as a Communications Intern, through the Princeton Internships in Civic Service Program.

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