Education Policy & Advocacy

At America Succeeds, we believe that education is the single most important influence on a child’s success, and that every child deserves and is owed the opportunity to obtain an excellent education, regardless of race, family income, or zip code. We focus on transformative, student-centered policy change that leads to systemic improvement in education outcomes, especially prioritizing education-to-workforce pathways, system building and accountability, human capital, transparent and equitable funding, and high-quality options.

This space is dedicated to reporting on recent and relevant topics in education, including discussions of current and future education policies, and identifying the resources available for effective education advocacy. As part of our work, America Succeeds has also produced and compiled a collection of resources with our affiliates and partners, in order to support good education practices.

Denver’s Portfolio Approach

What factors are helping to make Denver’s approach to a portfolio school system successful? Lots of communication, planning, and collaboration. Partners act transparently, embrace choice and innovation, and problem-solve challenges…
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Improving Educator Preparation

Time to Get Down to Business on Improving Educator Preparation

“Tools and resources to do the job” – you hear that a lot in both education and business circles. In business, it applies not just to equipment, but also proper training and access to mentors and feedback. All of this can aid in improvement. Successful businesses invest heavily in ensuring their people are well trained and prepared for success. And great leaders know that training is part of continuous improvement. An employee’s education and preparation, no matter how good, shouldn’t end on the first day on the job.

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