Age of Agility

Extreme innovations in technology are forcing radical shifts in the workforce and drastic changes are needed in how we educate students. Technologists, futurists, and business leaders alike are referring to this fundamental shift as the next Industrial Revolution. We call it the Age of Agility. In fall 2017, America Succeeds released The Age of Agility: Education Pathways for the Future of Work to call attention to the misalignment between what is being taught in schools—both K-12 and higher education—and the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required by the modern workplace.

Since then, we have been working for changes in education that match the forces of change in the workforce and economy. We’ve launched a nationwide tour to engage businesses in the conversation and encourage the local action. We’ve launched an accessible resource bank to provide information about potential solutions. In this space, we’re dedicated to bringing more attention to how the Age of Agility has impacted the world and education, and how we can respond.

Robots at the Olympics?

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Can A.I. Address Poverty?

Although most predictions related to the future of work are grim in light of rapidly developing automation and artificial intelligence, there are some tremendous opportunities. One example highlighted in this…
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The “New Economy” Super Power

They’re singing our song: “It’s a good bet that technology will continue to replace current jobs, from low-skilled assembly jobs to traditionally white-collar, data-intensive jobs like legal research. But it’s an…
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