America Succeeds Updates: December 2019

This month, the America Succeeds team came together in the gorgeous Colorado mountains for a staff retreat. Between cooking meals, completing strategic thinking sessions, and breaking out of a pirate-themed…

It’s time to redefine how we Learn and Teach

The paradigm shift toward Digital Learning 2.0 has long been happening in education. There are bright spots of states and districts across the country that embrace social-emotional learning, innovative pedagogy, and technology solutions focused on mastery of the 4Cs and preparing students for the future of work.

America Succeeds Updates: November 2019

This fall, our team and network have been involved in a variety of events and initiatives – from learning trips, awards ceremonies, innovation labs, and more. We’re excited to share…

The Case for Social-Emotional Learning

In 2018 and early 2019, America Succeeds embarked on a nationwide Age of Agility tour, where we convened over 2,100 stakeholders – education leaders, policymakers, and business leaders – to…

Meet the 2019 EDventure Prize Winner

This year, America Succeeds pivoted from Shark Tank and hosted the first EDventure Prize. The Prize was created as a way to provide funding to an organization who identified a…

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