Tim Taylor | Cake

Musical Act: Cake Venue: Boulder Theater City: Boulder, CO How do you afford your rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle / Is it you or your parents in this income tax bracket?…

Business View: U.S. Graduation Rate Rises to Historic High | By Tim Taylor

Today, on news that the national high school graduation rate has improved for the fourth year in a row—according to the Obama administration—U.S. business leaders are taking a moment to acknowledge the progress, congratulate our hard-working educators, and promptly resume our relentless demand for, and support of, better student outcomes.

Business on U.S. Graduation Rate

Andy Rotherham | Sturgill Simpson

Musical Act: Sturgill Simpson Venue: D.A.R. Constitution Hall City: Washington, D.C. Too often country music today lends itself to critiques (or caricatures) that it is formulaic – or worse. But…

Jason Gaulden | Skylar Grey

Musical Act: Skylar Grey Venue: The BlueBird City: Denver, CO SKYLAR GREY is a brilliant musical artist. She’s been through some tough stuff for sure. That’s the only way she can possibly…

Ashley Gibson | Beyoncé

Musical Act: Beyoncé Venue: The Georgia Dome (09.26.16) City: Atlanta, GA   Queen Bey was flawless. Her concert was driven by female empowerment, evolving through life experiences, and embracing love…

Myles Mendoza | Grateful Dead

Musical Act: Grateful Dead Venue: Soldier Field City: Chicago, IL Myles Mendoza’s view at the last Grateful Dead show in Chicago.

Andy Rotherham | Bruce Springsteen

Musical Act: Bruce Springsteen Venue: Nationals Park City: Washington, DC Out In The Street by Andy Rotherham All day you’ve been working that hard line Now tonight you’re gonna have a good…

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