Base Camp 2020

New EDventure Experience – Base Camp 2020

One of our team’s favorite features of the fall season is spending time with friends and colleagues at America Succeeds’ annual EDventure Summit. Then, 2020 happened. And since we couldn’t gather in Boise, we’re delivering a little bit of EDventure goodness in a virtual format. Base Camp 2020 builds on one of the conference’s most popular sessions with quick 30-minute webinars designed to get your brain thinking and ideas flowing.

We know that states are confronting an unprecedented level of challenge and disruption right now. People are searching for good solutions to address common issues. At the same time, America Succeeds observes a number of promising practices, innovative projects, and trailblazing organizations that we think are worth exploring. Join us this fall at Base Camp 2020 to learn from experts and peers about how they are reinventing themselves and their work during this challenging time.

Base Camp 2020 Schedule

Session #1: My Journey by PAIRIN

Base Camp 2020 kicked off with Alli Phillips and Michael Simpson from PAIRIN, highlighting the My Journey platform. Think about the millions of workers newly-unemployed from the COVID-19 pandemic or students moving beyond high school into a postsecondary pathway. Navigating assistance and opportunities – unemployment benefits, reskilling and upskilling programs, two- and four-year college applications – is an incredible challenge with numerous redundancies. My Journey is an innovative technology solution helping to connect the “messy spaghetti” of disparate government data systems with a user-friendly content interface. Learn more in the video below.

Session #2: Bouncing Back 2021

Base Camp 2020 continues with the America Succeeds team sharing insights from the “Bouncing Back: Student-Centered Policy Priorities 2021” report. Upcoming legislative sessions are not going to be about ambitious, sweeping reforms; they are about getting back to basics and in many cases, simply playing block-and-tackle on previous progress made. We recommend focusing efforts on four key areas: social-emotional learning, teachers and leaders, assessments and accountability, and finally, school finance. Zahava Stadler, formerly of EdBuild, joined the conversation to dig deeper into the nuance of improving both the revenue and allocation sides of a state funding formula, to ensure every student is given the resources they need to succeed. Learn more in the video below.

Session #3: Edmentum Exact Path

This week’s Base Camp session featured Marcus Lingenfelter, SVP of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at Edmentum. He shared the story of their latest mission in Oklahoma: helping school districts transition to a remote learning platform in the face of COVID-19. In partnership with State Superintendent Hofmeister and Secretary of Education, Ryan Walters, they were able to launch Exact Path in a matter of weeks across the entire state. The platform offers personalized K-12 learning pathways in core subjects that adapt to meet each student’s unique academic needs. Whether pushing a student towards advanced mastery or remediating a critical skill, this program is helping both educators and districts ensure learning continues during this challenging time. Learn more in the video below.

Upcoming Base Camp 2020 Events:

  • 10/27 – Gooru & BEST NC
  • 11/10 – Microsoft’s Day of Data
  • 11/17 – ACE & Agile Educators

Register for your Base Camp 2020 seat here. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the next event!

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