The latest report from the National Council on the Teacher Quality is entitled Making a Difference: Six Places Where Teacher Evaluation Systems are Getting Results.

This data and keen analysis makes the clear and compelling case that educator effectiveness policies—like holding teachers accountable for student results, incentivizing success with differentiated pay, and removing protections that keep poor performing teachers in the classroom—are necessary to realize improvements in teacher quality.

In a nutshell: “This analysis focuses on these six systems: Dallas Independent School District, District of Columbia Public Schools, Denver Public Schools, Newark Public Schools, New Mexico, and Tennessee. It depicts how evaluation systems can benefit teachers and, most importantly, students.”

Turns out higher standards and updated methods for measuring educator effectiveness are critical to ensuring the best teachers are in the classroom. In the places where this tough transition is seriously embraced, kids are getting better-performing teachers.

This report reminds us that there’s a strong case for sticking with stronger teacher evaluation systems.

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